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Most of our listings are created by Brokers, Real Estate Agents, and Inn Owners too.

The short answer is yes, but please consider if your property truly can be considered a short-term lodging property.

Many times, people ask this question because their property once was a bed & breakfast, but hasn't been one for the past few years. In that case it has a history that it easily could become a B&B so that would be a perfect listing for our website.

We've even recently added a new section for Short Term Rental properties for sale. While, we understand that technically most properties could become either a "Potential" B&B and/or Short Term Rental, we do request that you use your best judgement.

If listing a property in our Short Term Rentals for sale section, we do require those to at least be in locations where it is not forbidden to operate a Short Term Rental

Inappropriate listings may be subject to removal.

We do require your property's street address, which is used in part to auto-populate the Country, City and State/Province data needed in order to accurately show your listing on our various location specific listing pages within our website.

NOTE: Each listing will include a Google map to help show the surroundings of your property, the street address likely will be seen from the embedded Google map.

If you wish to ensure that the address is 100% hidden and have no map appearing on your listing, then please select "Yes" for Confidential when creating your listing.

In the first step for creating your listing, we ask if you wish to make your listing confidential. Upon choosing "Yes", this essentially removes the Google Map from your listing and therefore ensures that your property's address is safe-guarded.

NOTE: you will likely want to make sure that both your listing's Title and Description also do not include your Inn's name, to help keep your listing confidential.

For most B&B listings, this may seem obvious to use the name of the inn; like "The Blue Jay B&B" for example

But what about when it's not an existing B&B or just happens to be an un-named lodging property?
Here are some suggestions:

  • Check Luxurious Beachfront Inn with Stunning Ocean Views
  • Check Cozy Mountain Retreat
  • Check Profitable Bed and Breakfast Business
  • Check Historic Inn: Perfect Venue for Weddings and Events
  • Check Elegant Colonial Inn
  • Check Secluded Wilderness Lodge

Once your listing becomes public, the URL is created in a way that includes your listing Title. We simply do not wish to change the title as it may affect how search engines may re-rank your listing or worse risk the search engines from having an invalid link as a result.

If your Title absolutly needs to change, please reach out to support: [email protected]

Phone or Email

No. Not only do we NOT auto renew, we don't even store your payment details, so we couldn't auto charge even if we wanted to.

As your listing approaches its expiration date, you will receive an automated email reminding your that your listing will expire soon. This email will have a link for you to renew if you wish to at that time.

No, we only charge an up-front fee for listing your lodging property within our directory.

We are not a brokerage firm and if you need a broker or real estate professional to further assist in the sale of your lodging property, you can select from many experts in our Real Estate Professionals Directory

Login and view your properties. You will find a dropdown box beside your listing in your dashboard that you can update your listing as SOLD.

NOTE: Sold listings will still appear on our website with a Sold banner across the listing and your contact information will be removed. Sold Listings will automatically drop off after two years. Do recognize that past sold listings are helpful to other real estate professionals to aid in detirmining values of properties in that area.

But in some cases, you might wish for your listing to be completely removed, in which case you should then just choose from the dropdown beside your listing to be 'Offline'

Login and view your properties. you will find a dropdown box that you can change to mark your listing as OFFLINE.

Not without contacting support, please reach out to support: [email protected]

Please reach out to support: [email protected]

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